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A Review on Social Impact Index in Engineering for Additional Property Outcomes

Albert Panaousis*

Department of Design Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University, Lund, Sweden


The decision-making method concern with planning and implementing a planned intervention or project depends typically times on economic and technical arguments, expressed as knowledge, indicators, models. This paper argues that comes may benefit out of taking into thought, except for this economic and technical dimension, conjointly aspects concerning the social impact of that several intervention or project. For the past over forty years, with pertinency particularly in engineering domains, Social Impact Assessment (SIA) has been developing tools, methodology, and distinctions to support this idea. SIA implies distinctive and managing social impacts generated by planned interventions. This paper is reaching to propose a model that enables group action all positive and negative social impacts into one accumulative social impact index. To try and do this, the method needs distinctive the social impacts expressed as variables. The challenge within the conceive to use social knowledge is that the indisputable fact that these variables, that describe the most dimensions of the social context and/or specific social processes of amendment (for example), dissent in nature. There may be qualitative or quantitative knowledge, variable with totally different|completely different} measure units and different weights. The model proposes ways in which to resolve these and alternative challenges, leading to a general methodology that (following provided guiding principles) may be utilized by any planned intervention that incorporates a social impact. additionally, to the current, the model implies the utilization of participative tools, involving stakeholders into this method. whereas the method of getting all the information integrated into this index is advanced, the result may be a divided variable that’s straightforward to scan. Taking into concerns social impacts contributes to increasing the project’s property and reducing doable risks that would emerge if these aspects area unit unnoticed.

Social impact assessment; Accumulative social impact index, Property; Property development; Social risk, Applied science
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