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Survey of An Automated Recognition of Fake or Destroyed Indian Currency Notes

Mohd Mudassir Mohd Ismail, Mr. Ashutosh. B. Makone

Marathwada Institute of Technology, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.


 In India Every year RBI (Reserve bank of India) face the problem on counterfeit currency notes.The bank staffs are specially trained to detect counterfeit notes but problem begins once such notes are mixed into the market and circulated through common people. Even receiving fake notes from ATM counters have also been reported at some places. Over the past few years, as a result of the great technology come advances in color printing, duplicating and scanning counterfeiting problems become increses. In the previous, only the printing house has the ability to make counterfeit paper currency, but today it is possible for any person to print counterfeit bank notes simply by using a computer and a laser printer at house. Therefore to stop these issue The Indian currency notes recognition system is very useful .In order to deal with such type of problems, an automated Recognition of currency notes is introduced with the help of feature Extraction, classification based in SVM, Neural Net.ANN is introduced to train the data and classify the segments Using its datasets. This technique is considered with the computer vision where all processing with the image is done by machine. The machine is fitted with a CDD camera which will scan the image of the currency note considering the dimensions of the banknote and software will process the image segments with the help of SVM and character recognition methods. To implement this design we are dealing with MATLAB Tool .

character Recognition, SVM, NN Tool, Bank Note.
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