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Spacecraft Checkout Test Data Retrieval and Playback Software

Preeti Patil, SunilKumar S Manvi and Sheena Jose

School of Computing And Information Technology, REVA University, Bangalore


ACSS is a set of software products, developed for the automation of Spacecraft Checkout operations. ACSS runs on Checkout servers which are on LINUX platform. Various software packages of Checkout Software are used to test the spacecraft during spacecraft Integration. The tests on the spacecraft are conducted in a pre-defined sequence. These tests generate huge amount of Error free Test files which are archived in a various files.
The proposed project system shall be to develop software to analyze the test history of a particular spacecraft during Checkout. It shall stitch the data available in multiple files and generate a timeline of the events. System will provide the users with a timeline of the tests conducted and the detail set of commands issued to the spacecraft which affects on telemetry. Software can also playback the test history by retrieving the data. This software shall thus be used to validate the next generation of ACSS.

Automated Checkout Software System (ACSS), Spacecraft Checkout, Spacecraft Integration.
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