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K-Zero Day Security: Network security metric for risk measurement of unknown vulnerability

Mehul Das, Shubham Tripathi, Vikram Jaygude, Mr. Ramnath Banerjee

Dept. of computer science Dr .D. Y. Patil Insti. of Engg. & Tech., Pune


By comparing the different security solution in terms of their effectiveness of solving it, network security matrix is gives the efficiency in protecting computer network. Research on security metrics has been hindered by difficulties in handling zero-day attacks exploiting unknown vulnerabilities. Security risk of unknown vulnerability is considered unmeasurable due to the less predictable nature of software flaws. This introduces a major difficulty to security metrics, since a more secure configuration would be of little value if it were equally suspecting zero-day attacks. This paper is to resolve this issue of Zero-day attacks. In this instead of ranking the unknown vulnerabilities, introduced metric counts how many such vulnerabilities would be required for compromising network assets. A larger count will indicate more security since the likelihood of having more unknown vulnerabilities applicable, available and exploitable all at the same time will be significantly lower. We will define the metric, analyze the complexity of computing the metric, devising heuristic algorithms for intractable issues, and finally implement through case studies that applying the metric to existing network security practices may generate actionable knowledge.

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