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Data Communication between GUI and PLL device using TCP/IP embedded system interface

Amay Prabhakar Kamat and Abhiroop Biswas

Reva University, Bengaluru, India


Application Development for embedded system and GUI with same software IDE enhances cross-platform knowledge and ensures less dependency on different teams for implementation of hardware and software logics separately. The idea of the project is to develop a GUI interface along with embedded application for FPGA to transmit and receive data from a PLL front end device.
The objective of this paper is to send a frequency word from a GUI to a PLL device interfaced with FPGA and to receive the data lock status from PLL on GUI. Here PC is connected to the FPGA through Ethernet interface and FPGA is connected to the PLL front end through RS-232 Serial Interface. This process ensures and proves that we are able to do faster data transaction from a GUI to PLL Front-end device in shorter time and in more secured manner over TCP/IP 1 Gigabit LAN interface.

GUI, PLL(Phase Locked Loop), RS-232 Serial Interface, FPGA, IDE(Integrated Development Environment).
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