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Continuous Integration using DevOps The future of Information Technology

Akshata S Mahashabde and Kiran Kumari Patil

REVA UNIVERSITY, Bangalore, India.


This paper describes the implementation of DevOps technology on the traditional IT system. The software industry talks about CD - Continuous Deployment, CI – Continuous Integration and CT – Continuous Testing, these jargons are being used worldwide. All the above mentioned jargons describe the end-to-end process of the software development life cycle. Continuous delivery helps in deploying the changes made in the code immediately into production at a fast pace possible. To have the continuous delivery successful, all other areas of continuous integration and continuous testing should be well defined and should be in place. All these capabilities constitute the goal of DevOps. Hence, I would choose to work on the vast coverage of continuous integration which forms the major part of the entire DevOps cycle for any software development.

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